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The Modds - Leave my House/ All the time in the world - 1966

Groovie Records. Portugal. 500 cópias.

Never reissued before in the original 45 rpm version, this two tracks are taken from the original master tapes of the band. The Modds, a Poplar Bluff, Missouri based band, cut a record in 1966 that has become a thing of legend, the ultra raw garage punk track, LEAVE MY HOUSE. The original 45 on ANR (American National Records) is a sought after rarity with some copies fetching as much as $1500. One peculiar thing about the original record is how up-front the guitar and vocals are in the mix. But the tapes reveals a layer hidden in the 45 version, where a second fuzz guitar, bass, and drums are now a part of the maelstrom! And you can have it here in this beautiful Groovie Records 7" with a real cool and original picture of the band in the front cover. Small story of the band in the back with another rare pic of the band on stage. Limited to 500 copies